The Academy of Change is a capacity building programme on sustainable behaviours designed for future leaders working on climate change and sustainability within the NGO sector. If you are ready for a unique professional development journey to accelerate change towards sustainable behaviours that really matter, that’s your opportunity to be one of the many professionals joining the Academy.

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We’re excited about being able to share with you behaviour change insights from our experts of the Academy Programme.


Making the change happen – A report on our work

More than 40 NGOs from around the world have successfully completed the first round of Academy of Change and the results have been impressive.


Taste the Change

An online behaviour change experience covering the main steps for developing behaviour change interventions.



About the Programme

The programme is entirely free and consists of several modules that include strategic training, networking activities, and coaching sessions. All the activities will be delivered in close cooperation with high-level experts and stakeholders.


Win the Lottery

If your organisation is addressing a certain sustainability challenge for which behaviour change is the right lens, play the Lottery and take your chance of winning a 1-hour behaviour change sparring partner session with us.



The Academy of Change gave a great foundation of knowledge on behaviour change science and application, which I am starting to apply in my projects. I also really appreciated connecting with this larger behaviour change community working to promote sustainability.– Chantal Elking, Head of Beliefs & Values Programme, WWF, UK

It was a total discovery. I had no idea about the existence of a methodology based on behavioural sciences that tackles changes in lifestyles towards sustainable ones. So I took with me a powerful toolbox to be applied to our work as an organisation that promotes sustainable consumption in citizenship.– Marcely Godoy, President, Circular Asociaciòn de Consumidores Sustentables, Chile

This programme motivates everyone to start right away new projects for a more sustainable world!– Leon Leuser, Project Manager, adelphi, Germany

I don’t think there’s anything like the Academy – and I searched extensively.– Paulette van Ommen, Senior Advisor, WaterBear Network & Resilience Foundation, The Netherlands

The Academy of Change was great, each participant had the chance to get into the spotlight and share his knowledge and experience.– Emese Gulyas, Association of Conscious Consumers

I am thankful for the opportunity to be here, it gave me so much energy and long-term inspiration! A giant thank you for how you did the workshop and content!– Julia Roth, Foodmark

There is a need to cooperate amongst NGOs on this topic, share these insights and use them as a framework for our communications in order to increase the impact.– Nathalie Markiefka, foodture

This has been an incredible experience, I have learnt so much to take away/ digest/ share/ test – I am so grateful for the opportunity. I know this course will have a powerful ripple effect into the wider world and influence sustainable behaviours globally.– Natasha Yorke-Edgell, RSPB

Thank you for such opportunity, I am going back home full of potential and positive energy to keep fighting to save our country and the world.– Layal Nehme, Innodev

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