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Posted 18 August 2020


Behaviour change insights to go: listen to the new podcast from our Academy of Change!

Are you curious about why people behave the way they do? Would you like to learn more about behavioural insights and their role in achieving more sustainability? Then, hit play – the first episode of the newly launched Academy of Change (AoC) podcast series explores the topic of Insights together with field expert, Lizzie Kenyon.

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It happens all too often: Our good intentions are not matched by our actions. This gap between what we aim for and what we actually do has great implications in the way public policy, economic decisions, or awareness raising campaigns are received and made sense of by people.

Behavioural insights are becoming increasingly important in explaining why people behave the way they do, what provides and does not provide incentives, how they respond to change and much more.

In addition, insights into real-life situations in which people make decisions like, how they discard their waste, if they buy a more sustainable product or recycling their old phones – are crucial for designing successful behaviour change interventions. Without proper understanding of the root causes of such decisions, interventions may miss the point and not lead to the more sustainable behaviour that most of us strive for anyway.

In the Insights episode, we discuss behaviour insights and their support towards more sustainable behaviours. Our guest speaker, Lizzie Kenyon, Director of the Centre for Social Innovation at Keep Britain Tidy highlights that “the first thing that goes into one’s mind when thinking about insights is assumptions”. In Kenyon’s words, “insights can help us to address those assumptions, to take a step back and ask: Do we actually know that, that is what is driving that particular behaviour? Could there be multiple drivers that play a role here?”

To find out more about these as well as many real-life examples of how insights support behavioural change interventions that have a real impact, listen or download the Insights podcast here!

The podcast series is part of the Academy of Change (AoC) training programme and it offers complementary views on selected behavioural change topics. Through insightful conversations with experts in the field, the topics are explored from a practical perspective in order to serve listeners from different fields and areas of interest.

The Academy of Change (AoC) is a non-profit initiative of the Collaborative Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP), Behaviour Change (BC) and the International Civil Society Centre (ICSC). The AoC is funded by the KR Foundation.

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