Pilot interventions

Pilots overview


Co-designing and implementing real behavioural interventions

Academy of Change also facilitates direct implementation of behaviour change interventions on the ground. In partnership with local NGO partners, the Academy co-designs and supports the implementation of sustainable behaviour change pilots in different countries around the world, to test and apply behavioural theory in reality and generate new insights about what really works when it comes to supporting decision making towards sustainability. The insights generated in these pilots also feed into the training programme of the Academy.

Pilots overview

Sustainable behaviour change in various countries

There will be three pilot interventions taking place in different countries worldwide, in cooperation with the following partner NGOs:

In a timespan of six months, three pilot interventions took place in different countries worldwide, in cooperation with the following AOC partner organisations and covering the respective topics:

  • Reduction of meat consumption at a university canteen in Madrid, Spain. This pilot intervention was conducted by Greenpeace Spain and Greenpeace International.
  • Reduction of household food waste rates in Berlin, Germany. This pilot intervention was conducted by Die Verbraucher Initiative e.V.
  • Increasing the energy efficiency of households in Beijing, China. This pilot intervention was conducted by Friends of Nature China.

The goal of the pilot interventions is to integrate and test insights and lessons learned from the Academy of Change programme into existing projects and initiatives of the partner NGOs. This way, we can collectively produce evidence-based knowledge about the workings of sustainable behavioural theories in real NGO work.

To have a more detailed overview of the pilot interventions and their outcome and impact please take a look at first round AOC final report.

In the second round of the Academy we will conceptualise and implement another set of three to four pilot interventions. More details will be available here soon.