The Catalyst aims at accelerating the integration and use of sustainable behaviour change know-how within NGOs at the organisation level. The programme will be needs driven, in order to support the participants to address their challenges related to knowledge use and internal buy-in. Participation in the Catalyst is by invitation only and the opportunity is granted to NGO representatives that (i) have successfully concluded the Academy of Change Capacity Building Programme; and (ii) hold the potential to drive organisational change within their NGOs.


The Catalyst Programme will:

  • Provide you with tailor-made support and tools to address your needs, both content- and strategy-wise, to integrate behavioural knowledge within the strategies and activities of your NGO. Our goal is to make the use of behaviour knowledge an integral part of the daily work of your NGO;
  • Enable you to design and implement a pilot behaviour change intervention, alone or in collaboration with your Catalyst peers, in order to allow you to have first-hand experience with behaviour change work and implement behavioural knowledge in a real-life setting, in line with the mission and goals of your NGO. You will have support from the Academy of Change team, and some of the interventions will be granted a small budget to support its implementation;
  • Offer you NGO peer exchange and mutual support on various behaviour change topics and in implementing this know-how at the organisational level, both with other Catalyst participants and with new participants of the future editions of the Academy Capacity Building Programme;


The Catalyst is comprised of in-person workshops and webinars, networking activities, and coaching sessions, to be organised per topic and focus of the activities, including the design and implementation of pilot behaviour change interventions. It will also provide you with “tools” to help you in using behaviour knowledge in practice. The format of the tools will vary and may include guiding documents, short videos, templates and supporting references. The exact format and content of the tools will be needs driven, and co-created in collaboration with the participants of the Academy Catalyst.

Timeline of activities

Information about participants and detailed activities will be made available in due course.