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Posted 04 March 2021


Listen to Episode 4 of our Academy of Change Podcasts: Evaluation of Behaviour Change Interventions

Changing behaviours is an integral part towards sustainable lifestyles. But how do you know whether the intervention toward a more sustainable behaviour really worked? In this episode, we close the loop of behavioural interventions by talking about evaluation. Listen to our conversation with David Fell who shares his expertise on the importance of evaluating interventions and how to actually do that.

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Evaluation is the final step in the course of designing and implementing a behaviour change intervention. It is not only about collecting data and measuring indicators but also about understanding whether what has been done has truly worked. In short, evaluation comes down to checking if an intervention has successfully changed a targeted behaviour: we learn how the intervention worked, why it worked and how can it be further optimised.

Our guest speaker, David Fell is one of the founders of Brook Lyndhurst Ltd., a social science research company, specialising in evaluation and behaviour change around sustainability. Looking back at over two decades just with Brook Lyndhurst Ltd., Fell gives advice through examples that are both entertaining and insightful.

He explains that, while from his experience evaluation is sometimes regarded as boring, it is also the key to measuring success and being able to replicate it. “That is really what evaluation is ultimately about: how do you take the lessons from one behaviour change intervention, doesn’t matter how big or small. If it did work, it can be done again somewhere else. And if it did not work, you make sure you don’t do it again.”

If you are keen on learning more about the evaluation process – listen to our podcast! In a lively conversation, David Fell and Behaviour Change’s David Hall showcase why you should not treat evaluation as something that you add on in the end, but rather as a significant step not only for the present but also future interventions.

The podcast series is part of the Academy of Change, a capacity building programme and offers complementary views on selected behavioural change topics. Through conversations with experts in the field, the topics are explored from a practical perspective in order to serve listeners from different fields and areas of interest.

The Academy of Change (AoC) is a non-profit initiative of the CSCP, Behaviour Change (BC) and the International Civil Society Centre (ICSC). The AoC is funded by the KR Foundation.

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