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Posted 18 August 2020


The AoC Catalyst First Round Has Kicked-Off

Representatives of leading environmental and social Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) came together virtually for the official launch of the first round of the Catalyst, a special Academy of Change (AoC) programme aimed at accelerating the integration of behaviour change know-how in the daily work of NGOs.

The Catalyst participants include representatives of NGOs such as Greenpeace International, RSPB, Fingo, CEED Bulgaria, WRAP, HESPUL, Rare, CIDSE, Association of Concsious Consumers, and Foodture. All of them have successfully completed the Academy of Change capacity building programme, a prerequisite to join the Catalyst.

The main goal of the Catalyst is to support NGOs in undertaking organisational change by providing tailor-made tools and turning sustainable behaviour change knowledge into an asset for their daily work. The Catalyst also aims to enable NGOs to design and implement behaviour change pilot interventions, alone or in collaboration with other Catalyst peers, in order to have first-hand experience with behaviour change work and implement behavioural knowledge in a real-life setting. Moreover, the Catalyst will offer NGO peer exchange and mutual support on various behaviour change topics.

The Catalyst programme activities will cover six sequential modules that reflect and are built around the needs and interests of the Catalyst participants. The modules foster the development of a set of skills that range from internalising the topic of behaviour change in organisations, to communicating the importance of behaviour change, engaging colleagues in the work, applying it in practice, and exploring new formats for developing behaviour change interventions. In order to foster co-creation approaches and peer-to-peer learning, participants will have active roles in each of the modules to support the delivery of the module/tool exercise, share concrete experiences or ideas for action.

Especially exciting are the pilot interventions which the Catalyst participants will design and implement collaboratively with one another throughout the programme’s duration. Check the Academy of Change website or follow AoC on Twitter to receive further updates as well as first results from the pilots!

Do you think the Catalyst could help you and your NGO? Then, taking part in the Academy of Change Programme (AoC) would be your first step. You can find more details about AoC  here. For other ideas or suggestions, please get in touch with the Academy of Change team.

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