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Posted 18 August 2020


The Academy of Change Second Round Kicked Off Virtually with 50 Participants from 25 Countries

The capacity building programme, which focuses on integrating behavioural insights into the work of international NGOs, launched its second round in a virtual gathering across 10 different time zones and with an outstanding line-up of expert speakers on behaviour change topics.

The CSCP tapped into its expertise with digital collaborative tools to turn the opening event into an insightful and interactive webinar during which expert speakers shared their knowledge on some of the key elements related to behaviour change as a powerful means for improving our societies’ sustainability performance.

Becky Rowe, founder of Revealing Reality spoke about the role of behaviour insights as a means of understanding people in their own habitat, challenging our own assumptions, and viewing the world from different perspectives. Models as a method to diagnose behaviours, design behavioural strategies, and work as checklists for key tasks before, during, and after interventions, were the focal point of the presentation of Dr. Joe Hale, Research Associate at the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change. Toby Park, Head of Energy and Sustainability at the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), also emphasised the need to shift away from understanding people as strictly rational beings and presented various tools that could be used in support of positive behaviour change. Jonathan Breckon, from NESTA and Director of the Alliance for Useful Evidence, provided an overview of the different approaches to evaluate behaviour change interventions and exploring the nexus between evidence and policy-making.

In addition to these valuable insights, the AoC participants will have the opportunity to follow a full-fledged programme consisting of seven different modules. The AoC modules cover the following: Behavioural and decision-making insights, models and tools of understanding and changing behaviours, designing and implementing behaviour change interventions, as well as learning how to evaluate related impact. The programme will run for four months. You can find detailed information about the Academy of Change programme here.

The Academy of Change (AoC) is a unique capacity building programme on sustainable behaviour change, designed for NGO leaders working on climate change and sustainability. The AoC enables its participants to incorporate evidence-based expertise and insights about citizens’ behaviours into their strategies and projects, generating greater impact from their activities.

Did you miss the chance to apply for the AoC second round? Don’t worry, we are happy to announce that a third round will be held in 2021. Get in touch with the AoC team to be informed or sign up for the Academy of Change newsletter for the latest updates.

The Academy of Change (AoC) is a non-profit initiative of the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP), Behaviour Change (BC) and the International Civil Society Centre (ICSC). The AoC is funded by the KR Foundation.

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