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Posted 05 March 2018


Behaviour Change Plays Major Role in Tackling Climate Change According to NGOs

What do NGOs think, do and need when it comes to behaviour change? In the first initiative of this kind and scale worldwide, the CSCP’s Academy of Change went to the source and asked some of the most influential NGOs working on climate change and sustainability about their views. We are making them available to you in an insightful report.

The survey features 75 NGOs. The results of the survey are eye-opening and make the case for placing behaviour insights among the core strategies to make the sustainable transition happen. Nearly all respondents share the opinion that changing citizen behaviour plays a major role in tackling climate change. This shows changes in behaviour are very important to NGOs and are seen as a main issue which needs to be addressed to accelerate change towards sustainable behaviour that really matters.

When asked if NGOs were trying to change behaviour, a vast majority of respondents agreed they work towards this goal. The main sectors where behaviour change is being tackled are energy use and food and drink consumption, with citizens, consumers and policy makers as the main target groups. However, most survey respondents asserted they do not yet apply behaviour theories and insights when designing and implementing their campaigns. This means immense opportunity exists for integrating evidence-based knowledge into the behaviour-related activities that NGOs already do, thereby increasing the impact and effectiveness of NGOs.

About 90% of the respondents agreed their projects would benefit from a deeper understanding of principles of behaviour change, stressing the need for building dialogue and capacity in this area. Not only do NGOs recognize this need, but two thirds of the respondents would be interested in joining the CSCP’s Academy of Change programme, to learn more on this topic.

The survey results are crucial to the development of the Academy of Change programme. We offer tailor-made strategic training and networking opportunities that meet NGOs’ needs. The programme will take 50 selected future leaders through a professional development journey to help them build their skills in enabling more sustainable behaviour. Integrating evidence-based knowledge on the basics of behaviour change in NGOs’ strategies and projects is an essential step towards.

Download the report here.

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